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Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa

Pete's Pet Posse, OSU's Pet Therapy Program, was established as a wellness program in 2013 and expanded to include Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa at OSU-Tulsa and OSU Center for Health Sciences in 2015. The second class of P3T dogs graduated in August 2016.

Local canine celebrity Mavis Pearl, left, with owner Lisa Bain, founder of Joy in the Cause, was named an honorary member of Pete’s Pet Posse Tulsa during a special graduation ceremony on Aug. 8 at OSU-CHS. Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa Class 2 graduates are Blue, a five-year-old Australian shepherd, and handler, Jessica Bradley, OSU-Tulsa career services coordinator; Max, a three-year-old Labrador retriever, and handlers Dr. Bill Meek, OSU-CHS professor of anatomy and cell biology, and Sharon Meek; Tahlula, a five-year-old Chihuahua, and handler Marnie Pettit, wife of OSU-CHS Provost Dr. William J. Pettit; Max, a nine-year-old Maltese, and handler Ashley Adkins, OSU-CHS director of university affairs; and Fern, a three-year-old Labrador retriever, and handler Dr. Matt Bowler, OSU-Tulsa associate professor of management and Don R. Brattain professor in the Spears School of Business.

The program is a cooperative effort of the OSU President's Office, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine,  OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital, University Counseling, Human Resources and the Employee Assistance Program.

Pet therapy teams must apply to be part of the program and applications are submitted to the Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa Advisory Board. Once the owner/handler completes an interview, the dog then meets with the independent trainer for a disposition evaluation and also completes a wellness exam by the program veterinarian. The Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa Advisory Board oversees the program and makes the final determination for acceptance into the program.

Once accepted into the program animals complete extensive training, including a Canine Good Citizen certificate and registration with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Dogs then serve in their department and also participate in special appearances across campus. 

The dogs provide an additional wellness benefit to faculty, staff, students, and even visitors.  The OSU College of Veterinary Medicine oversees the wellness care of the animals and ensures the animals are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

These animals belong to families of employees and others affiliated with OSU-CHS and OSU-Tulsa. They are not owned by the university.  They live with their humans full time and make the campus a little brighter orange each time their furry feet hit the campus.

Pete’s Pet Posse was created to positively enhance physical and emotional health and contribute to the success of being America's HEALTHIEST Campus®.


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